Boutiqify is a place to organize and share all your favorite things. Create unique boutiques (boards) sharing gift ideas, wish lists, unique items and all of your favorite things.

Simply register with Boutiqify (here), edit your profile (here), create new boutiques (here) and share all of your favorite things (here).

Boutiqify is ideal for those that love exploring unique and creative things. It’s also an excellent resource for those that love sharing their favorite things. Perhaps you have a Birthday approaching, simply create a boutique with your wish list items and share your boutique with your friends and family. They will surely get the hint!

We welcome artists, crafters and others that create unique, one-of-a-kind items. Perhaps you sell your creations on etsy or eBay, why not expand your reach and share your items with those that follow you here on Boutiqify.

Organize and share your favorite things today!

Benefits of Boutiqify

Create Unique Boutiques

Organize your favorite items by creating unique boutiques (boards). Maybe you have a few swimsuits on your summer shopping list, simply create a boutique that features your favorite swimsuits. Want to give your significant other a hint about what you want for Valentine’s Day, create a boutique featuring items on your wish list. They will surely get the hint!

Browse Items by Category

Browse the latest favorites of others by product category. Looking for what’s hot in technology, take a look at the electronics category. Looking for home furniture ideas, check out the furniture category.

Follow Your Favorite Members

Do you have someone that posts favorites that interest you? Why not give them a follow! You will now be able to view their latest faves (here).

Shop Items That Interest You

Did you see an item that you just got to have? Click the item image or merchant link above the image and you will be taken to the item page on that merchants website. Happy shopping!