• $65

Men’s Miss Me Yet Obama Christmas Sweater

If all you want for Christmas is your old POTUS back, this men’s Obama sweater will bring back fond memories of a simpler, saner time. Of course, term limits mean your Xmas wish can never come true, but that doesn’t keep you from dreaming. Pair this attractive top with pressed chinos or slacks and you’ll be ready to represent the former prez in style.

What else is awesome about this sweater? Having Obama as your plus one at a holiday party is about as epic as it gets. Even in a goofy Santa hat, the man exudes coolness. In fact, he’s as chill as the North Pole, and you will be too in this flattering navy sweater with its presidential red trim. Don’t be surprised if your sweater gets more attention than you do. In fact, if you stand under the mistletoe you may find that your torso gets all the love from the ladies!