White Claw Costume

$54.95 @ Yandy

You won’t find an officially licensed White Claw costume this year, but the Yandy Hard Outlaw Costume is close enought!

Item Details

Who's up for a day party? Lay down the law of liquid refreshments. Life is hard to handle without that five percent bubbly buzz. Be the sweetest seltzer on the shelf and sip away your Saturday in this thirst-quenching exclusive Hard Outlaw costume featuring a stretch crop top with an OUTLAW, PARTY HARD screen print, long fitted sleeves, high waisted shorts with #DARTY printed in black on the rear, flattering high cut sides, and a cheeky cut back. Grab some of your favorite gals and wear different "flavored" stockings for the best group costume!
Model: Hard Outlaw Costume

Store: Yandy

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