• $229.99

Henry Hustle Animatronic 5.9-Foot Decoration

Henry Hustle Animatronic 5.9-Foot Decoration $229.99 available at Spirit Halloween.

Pick a card, any card! Henry guarantees you will end up with the dead man’s hand. He wasn’t always so cruel, but when the circus left town with his money & bag of tricks, he snapped. It didn’t help that the ringmaster ran off with his Mrs. Hustle! Now the deck is stacked against anyone unlucky enough to play a hand with him because while you are following the queen, his daughter Harriet is busy robbing you blind… or worse!

Try your luck against Henry Hustle this Halloween and you have no chance! This Henry Hustle animatronic is always ready for a performance with his white light-up LED eyes and arms that move up and down to reveal your card before popping his head up for the ultimate jump scare!