Macy’s Partners With Popular Toy Brand ToysRUs

ToysRUs is back! Macy’s will be offering over 8,000 toys from the popular toy brand, ToysRUs, this Holiday season. You can shop all the latest toys now or wait until over 400 Macy’s locations will offer a selection of toys in 2022.

ToysRUs was one of the most popular toy stores in the United States since the late 1940’s, but financial struggles saw the popular toy brand close all of their locations in 2018. In recent years, the brand tried to regain a presence online and with a few pop-up-shops throughout the U.S., but that wasn’t too successful. The partnership with Macy’s means this popular toy store brand has been revitalized.

For those nostalgic for the past, this news should be a welcome surprise.

What are your favorite memories from shopping at ToysRUs as a kid? Share your thoughts in the comments below.