• $179.99

Night Stalker Animatronic 5-Foot Decoration

Night Stalker Animatronic 5-Foot Decoration $179.99 available at Spirit Halloween.

You work from sun up to sundown, tending the fields, babying your crops and livestock to eke out a living. Then one morning, you wake up to find dead birds strewn across your fields, and all your wheat crop smashed and bent over, and you swear to yourself that your scarecrow is smiling now. The other farmers tell you stories about missing chickens and uprooted vegetable crops. You chuckle and think it’s a good thing that he’s stuck to that wooden stake, but just in case, you start sleeping with your favorite machete next to the bed.

The Night Stalker animatronic has light-up LED eyes and moves its head from side-to-side while making creepy laughing sounds.